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Informed compassion in action for a sustainably thriving world.

Earthville is a global community of local initiatives to create a more compassionate and sustainably thriving world through service learning, green social entrepreneurship, holistic personal development, and creativity.

Empower yourself. Transform your world.

Our world is changing quickly in ways both helpful and harmful. We can’t fix everything, but we can’t keep breaking it either. Each of us can make a difference with informed compassion, reducing our harm footprint and expanding our help footprint, and cultivating nurturing relationships in our communities.

Here in Earthville, we work toward a better world by educating ourselves as responsible global citizens, empowering ourselves as effective change agents, and connecting with one another other in creative collaborations for experiential learning, volunteer service, compassionate commerce, and altruistic arts.

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Connections: An Integrated Approach to Personal & Global Transformation

The challenges we face are complex and interdependent, so they require holistic solutions. Earthville’s interdisciplinary approach considers the whole picture to engineer whole solutions for the whole person and the whole planet.

Earthville Projects & Spheres of Activity

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What We Do: Featured Projects

Earthville Music

Tapping the Awesome Power of Music to Create a Compassionate & Sustainable World

Earthville Music is an artist-driven record label cutting positive grooves from across the planet, with proceeds supporting artists and charitable projects worldwide. Our artists are multi-talented global citizens who make great music while making a difference somewhere in the world.
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Dharmalaya Institute

Sustainable Development & Personal Empowerment Through Contemplative Service-Learning

Dharmalaya Institute provides education and empowerment for compassionate living, with a practical focus on sustainable village development and contemplative service-learning. Dharmalaya offers volunteer opportunities, green building workshops, meditation retreats, and more.
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Earthville Orchards - Plant Trees for Carbon Offset

Sponsor Tree Plantings in India to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint & Create Green Jobs

Earthville Orchards is a carbon offset and green jobs program enabling conscientious global citizens and responsible businesses to sponsor tree plantings in India. With a few clicks, you can reduce your net carbon footprint while providing eco-restorative employment for rural villagers.
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