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Earthville Press is a nonprofit imprint publishing works on topics related to Earthville’s mission to promote compassionate living and empower caring change-makers. It is a project of the Earthville Network, and all proceeds from sales (other than those that go to the authors) are channeled directly into the Earthville Network’s educational and charitable programs in the US and around the world, so your purchases of our publications directly support these transformative programs.


Our Publications

To Create the World 200x300To Create the World That Ought to Be: Memoirs of a Radical Educator
By Arnie Langberg with Mark S. Moore (2023)

To Create the World That Ought to Be is the memoir of trailblazing educator Arnie Langberg.

The book follows Arnie through his epic, five-decade career as a heroic reformer of public education, gathering insights into humanity and highlighting innovative, road-tested solutions to pressing problems, while raising potent questions for our collective future along the way.

Arnie’s story will be of interest not only to anyone interested in learning, teaching, or education reform, but also to anyone keen to explore the dynamics of change — both in individuals and in society. In fact, this memoir reads more like an inspired manifesto for change-making than a conventional autobiography.

The book and its accompanying website welcome readers to engage in conversation about how the educational experience can be used to help bring out the greatness that exists within all learners, inspiring and empowering them to be a part of creating a better world.

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The Earthville Education Blog

Earthville EducationThe Earthville Education Blog is a venue for ongoing explorations of education as a catalyst for the development of conscientious global citizens, healthy communities, and a more harmonious and sustainable world.

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