Earthville Planet: Solutions for a Flourishing World

Earthville PlanetWe have one planet.

All of life has to share it.

Let’s work this out.

Win-Win Solutions for a Flourishing World

When our lives and our livelihoods are in sync with nature and society, everyone wins. Some believe that we can have only prosperity or sustainability, but not both. Fortunately, this view is a misunderstanding arising from a lack of imagination.

The great human power of creativity can produce win-win solutions for every economic and ecological challenge we face — as individuals, as organizations, as nations, and as a species.

Therapy for a Troubled Relationship

Though there’s no good reason the relationship between humans and the planet shouldn’t be a win-win, today it is not.

Today, the planet is losing. And a lot of its animal species are losing, too — including a lot of humans.

Earthville Planet is the family of Earthville projects and events working to mend this relationship, to make it healthy and mutually supportive again.

Earthville envisions a world where sustainable thriving — mutual flourishing of people and all life on the planet — becomes the norm.

Earthville Planet Projects

Earthville provides a variety of opportunities for people who love our world to get involved with taking care of it — at home, abroad, and online.

  • Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC) — ASEC is a sustainability initiative to unite action sports athletes, business owners, and industry workers around our common interest of environmental conservation, preservation, and awareness — and, through education and networking, to green the multi-billion dollar actions sports industry.  › go
  • Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living — An experiential learning campus in the Indian Himalayas devoted to education, service, and compassionate living, with a practical focus on sustainable village development, contemplative service-learning, immersive ecotourism, and preservation of traditional wisdom. Dharmalaya provides green jobs and vocational training for local villagers and life-enriching service-learning opportunities for international students and volunteers.  › go
  • Earthville Orchards: Carbon Offset & Green Jobs — Earthville Orchards is a win-win program enabling conscientious global citizens and responsible businesses to sponsor tree plantings in India to help reduce your net carbon footprint while providing employment for rural villagers that benefits their natural environment.  › go
  • Responsible Global Citizenship — A collection of essays and resources for citizens of the world answering the call to make a difference.  › go
  • Sustainable Thriving Alliance — Collaborating to catalyze win-win solutions for personal and planetary flourishing.  › go

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