Milestones & Results

An Overview of Earthville’s Key Accomplishments, by Year

Chapter 1
Earthville is Born at an International Crossroads in the Himalayas

1997: Established Dharamshala Earthville Institute (DEVI) in Dharamshala, HP, India (exile home of H.H. the Dalai Lama). In the interest of creating a financially self-sustaining model, founded the nonprofit KhanaNirvana Community Café to generate revenue to support charitable initiatives and provide employment and vocational training for refugees.

1997-1999: Collaborated with the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics to establish a computer training program for refugees in Dharamshala and across India. Developed a syllabus, taught the first courses, trained two teachers and turned the program over to them.

1997-2001: With the blessings of H.H. the Dalai Lama, hosted an internationally recognized series of cross-cultural programs and interfaith dialogues in Dharamshala attended by a total of over 4000 participants and garnering international media coverage.

1997-2012: At the request of local community leaders, established a volunteer placement program facilitating hundreds international participants to perform voluntary service work in the Dharamshala area. Also hosted an ongoing series of weekly community programs including a Sunday lecture series, documentary film screenings, and cultural and artistic events.

Chapter 2
The Earthville Network Incorporates in the USA

2000: Incorporated the Earthville Network in California as a 501(c)(3) public charity and commenced US operations.

2001: Turned over DEVI and KhanaNirvana completely to local management by its refugee staff (who ran them successfully until the lease terminated in 2012).

2002: Launched the Earthville Umbrellavator project to incubate promising new charitable projects in the US and worldwide.

2002: Established US branch of the Sulha Peace Project as the first Earthville Umbrellavator initiative, providing support for Sulha’s grassroots peacemaking programs in the Middle East as well as “Sulhita” workshops for youth in the US and elsewhere. Annual Sulha conferences attract 3000-4000 participants and international media coverage.

2003: Launched Earthville Arts (originally called “CreatioNation”), an altruistic arts and media project established to leverage the power of creativity, the arts, and media technologies to improve our communities and our world. Produced and released first music CD, with proceeds divided between the artist and Earthville’s charitable programs.

2003: Established the Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC) as an Earthville Umbrellavator project to “green” the multi-billion-dollar action sports industry. Initiated ongoing educational and awareness-raising programs.

2004: Launched the Acupressure Bead Research Project as an Earthville Umbrellavator project to conduct research into the promising use of acupressure beads in the treatment of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

2005: Formed strategic partnership with the Vietnam Fund for Education, Music, and Infrastructure to support village development and the preservation of traditional music in Vietnam. Conducted audio and video recordings in Hanoi and surrounding areas.

2006: Conducted “Plus 3 Degrees” drive, which collected and distributed warm winter clothes and blankets for the homeless population in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2006: Partnered with the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) of the US to help establish a affiliated branch in New Delhi (now called NADA India) an Earthville Umbrellavator project.

2007: Repeated “Plus 3 Degrees” campaign, which collected and distributed warm winter clothes and blankets for the homeless population in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Chapter 3
Earthville Expands its International Activities

2007: Launched Lotus and Lightning project in collaboration with the Vietnam Fund for Education, Music, and Infrastructure and Naked River Films. Produced and released two CDs of traditional music, with proceeds to benefit charitable projects in Vietnam. Began production of documentary film.

2008: Cofounded Dharmalaya Charitable Society in the Indian Himalayas to promote sustainable development and compassionate living in the region.

2009: Established the Human Family Peace Project as an Earthville Umbrellavator project working to facilitate mutual understanding and collaboration between peoples of the Middle East and the US. Conducted conference for international participants in Istanbul, Turkey.

2010: Began construction of Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living in the Indian Himalayas, to serve as a model eco-campus for integrated service-learning programs spanning the fields of sustainable development, culture, ecology, health, and traditional wisdom.

2010: In partnership with Dharmalaya Society, launched the Earthville Orchards, an initiative to create green jobs and facilitate carbon sequestration by planting trees in India, and to enable global citizens and responsible businesses to sponsor tree plantings to offset their carbon emissions.

Chapter 4
Evolution in Experiential Education, Sustainability, Music & the Arts

2011: Initiated service-learning programs in sustainable and compassionate living in collaboration with the Dharmalaya Institute in the Indian Himalayas.

2011: Commenced publication of the Earthville Education Blog, featuring ongoing explorations of education as a catalyst for the development of conscientious global citizens, healthy communities, and a more harmonious and sustainable world.

2012: Established a vocational training program in earthen masonry, in partnership with the Dharmalaya Institute, to train a green building workforce in the Indian Himalayas and support rural villagers — especially women and villagers from backgrounds formerly referred to as “low caste” — to earn a better livelihood through means that support rather than disrupt their traditional lifestyles and natural environment.

2013: Launched a formal academic Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture in collaboration with Didi Contractor, a celebrated eco-architect in India. Accepted nine interns within the first month.

2013: Developed a new Earthville website to facilitate greater engagement and community building, both online and on the ground.

2013: Launched Earthville Music, an innovative, artist-driven, nonprofit record label leveraging the power of music to uplift people and communities, channeling proceeds to support the artists and  charitable projects across the globe.

2014: Released Skyland, a record album by Earthville artist Dara Ackerman, with some proceeds supporting Earthville’s charitable projects.

2016: Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living, Earthville’s eco-campus in the Himalayas, is featured in the Swiss documentary film Didi Contractor: Marrying the Earth to the Building, which made its world premiere at Dharamshala International Film Festival.

2017: Dharmalaya Institute’s Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture expands to a four-month programme with the option to study up to one year, and continues to thrive, building links with universities around India and attracting working architects as well as students of architecture from around the world.

2018: Earthville welcomes Spring Up Foundation to the Earthville Umbrellavator.

2019: Experiential Educator (and Earthville Board member) Arnie Langberg recruits Earthville founder Mark Moore as editor for a new memoir on the life of a visionary educator. The two are creating a companion website and activities to engage the public around the topics explored in the book.

2020: Earthville founder Mark Moore presents and facilitates at the 2020 Moore Humanities Symposium at TCU, on the topic “What Is Well-Being?” where the keynote speaker is leading neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson [postponed due to COVID-19].

2020: On May 1st, Earthville Network turns 20 years old! See this page for how it all began.

2020: Earthville focuses support on providing safe employment for rural Himalayan villagers during COVID-19 pandemic at Dharmalaya Institute in India.

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