Earthville Projects by Location

Earthville “thinks globally and acts locally” all across the globe, creating the best of both worlds: local and global, big and small.

Following is a list of the Earthville Network’s main projects and programs, listed by location.


Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living (Bir, HP, India)

Earthville Orchards tree planting and green jobs program (Keori, HP, India)

Lotus and Lightning (Vietnam; project administered from Portland, OR and Durango, CO)

NADA India (New Delhi, India)

Europe & UK

Spring Up Foundation (UK & Middle East)

Middle East

Spring Up Foundation (UK & Middle East)

Sulha Peace Project (Israel & Palestine)

United States

Acupressure Bead Research Project (Santa Barbara, CA)

Earthville Arts & Earthville Music (Oakland, CA, & Durango, CO)

Earthville Education (Denver and Mancos, CO)

Earthville Institute (Mancos, CO)

Earthville Network HQ (Durango, CO)

Looking for events at one of these locations?

Check out the Earthville Events page.