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You can find the Earthville Network’s press releases here.

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For press/media inquiries, you can contact us here or use the information below:

Public Affairs and Communications: press at earthvilledotorg

President of the Earthville Network, Mark Moore: president at earthvilledotorg

+1 510 788.0041


The President of the Earthville Network, Mark Moore, is available for interviews on the following topics:

  • The Earthville Network, its work and its vision for the future
  • Nonprofit/charitable organization/NGO issues
  • Sustainable development and green living, in both highly developed and less developed countries
  • Climate change and other ecolological issues, in both highly developed and less developed countries
  • Experiential education, service-learning, and volunteering
  • Peacemaking and cross-cultural collaboration
  • Altruistic arts: using art, music, film, creativity, media and technology for a better world
  • Regional issues and culture: South Asia, India, Himalayas, Tibet, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Middle East

Contact: president at earthvilledotorg or +1 (510) 788.0041

Earthville by the bullet points

  • Founded informally in 1997 in the Indian Himalayas (see History)
  • Incorporated in California in 2000 as a 501(c)(3) public charity
  • Earthville comprises about a dozen projects spanning six countries (USA, India, Israel, Palestine, Spain, and Vietnam)
  • Holistic programs span the fields of education, ecology, economics, culture, arts & media, and personal development
  • Offers volunteer and service-learning programs internationally (see Volunteer)
  • Earthville Umbrellavator” program supports social entrepreneurs to launch new charitable programs.
  • Earthville is developing holistic models for sustainable institutions and communities for learning and service.
  • Streamlined, efficient organization is volunteer-driven (even the President works pro bono)
  • Publicly supported — depends on contributions and grants for growth

Background: About the Earthville Network

You are welcome to republish the following summary descriptions of Earthville:

Concise one-sentence description:

The Earthville Network is a global community of local initiatives to create a more compassionate and sustainable world through charitable and educational programs in the US and abroad.

Comprehensive one-sentence description:

The Earthville Network is a global nonprofit organization working to focus the power of human creativity and caring to forge a more compassionate and sustainable global village through an international network of local charitable initiatives in education, environment, peacemaking, and the arts.

One-paragraph description:

The Earthville Network is a charitable organization working to create a more compassionate and sustainable global village through an holistic array of projects and programs spanning the fields of experiential education, sustainable development, peacemaking, and the arts. Earthville provides diverse opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration, service-learning, volunteering, and immersive ecotourism. Founded in 1997, the Earthville Network is a 501(c)(3) public charity in the US and works through partner organizations in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Earthville is a volunteer-driven not-for-profit organization that depends on public support to build capacity and extend our reach. For more information or to get involved, visit our website at and our blog at

Additional salient points about Earthville:

All About Earthville: Mission, Objectives, and Vision
Earthville’s history
Earthville’s accomplishments
Leadership: the Earthville Team
Earthville’s projects
Earthville’s current and upcoming events (with an archive of past events)

For other background material on the Earthville Network, please see the “All About Earthville” section of our website or contact us with any questions.



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