Archive of Past Earthville Projects

Nothing lasts forever, as they say. Some projects reach a natural conclusion when they have served their purpose. Others shut down when the funding dries up or the core people involved move on to other things. Change happens.

Following is a list of past Earthville Projects, presented in chronological order based on their start dates, starting with the oldest at the top:

Dharamshala Earthville Institute (DEVI) (1997-2012, India)
The Dharamshala Earthville Institute (DEVI) was the first-ever Earthville project: a small, volunteer-run community service initiative based at KhanaNirvana Community Café, which offered the first volunteer placement program in the Dharamshala/McLeodGanj area of the Indian Himalayas and several other charitable, educational, and creative programs.  › more

The Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC) (2003-2011, USA)
The Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC) was a sustainability initiative to unite action sports athletes, business owners, and industry workers around our common interest of environmental conservation, preservation, and awareness. › more

Plus 3 Degrees (2005-2007, USA)
The “Plus 3 Degrees” campaign collected donations of warm winter clothes, wet weather gear, and blankets for distribution to the homeless population in the San Francisco Bay Area. The program was initiated by Earthville Director Benjamin Schick in 2005 and operated each winter through 2007.  ›  more

Naked Mind Documentary Film (2007-2013, USA & International)
From the Himalayas to US Neuroscience labs, two filmmakers explore the effects of meditation and its potential for collective evolution. Earthville provided support from pre-production to near-completion.  › more

Human Family Peace Project (2009-2011, Turkey, India, and USA)
Human Family Peace Project conducted workshops and conferences in Turkey, India, and the USA to foster social and cultural awareness as a foundation for global harmony. It was conceived in 2008 by international volunteers and established as an Umbrellavator project of the Earthville Network in 2009 and operated until 2011.  › more

SHRI Free Clinic (2013-2017, India)
SHRI Free Clinic was an overwhelmingly popular and successful rural clinic in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, founded by Spero Latchis and Robin Jameson. SHRI provided free holistic health care to rural villagers (and all comers) at its facility in Bir, and also ran periodic mobile clinics, taking their expertise higher into the Himalayas to care for those often overlooked. SHRI also provided workshops and trainings for holistic health care practitioners from elsewhere, and launched a project to educate the local population about the public health risks of plastic waste. › more

Open Dharma (2006-2023, Spain, India, and USA)
Open Dharma offers meditation retreats and courses around the world. It was founded by Jaya Ashmore and Gemma Polo Pujol in 2001 and formalized as an Umbrellavator project of the Earthville Network in 2006, where it operated for 18 years until launching its own registered nonprofit organization in late 2023. › more