Leadership: The Earthville Team

Earthville’s international, multi-disciplinary leadership team brings together a diverse array of skills, experiences, and sensitivities that, together, guide the course of our activities.

Board of Directors

Mark Moore: Founder and Chairperson of the Earthville Network; cofounder of Dharmalaya Institute (Bir, HP, India); music producer, artist, and writer (full bio here)

Dara Ackerman: Cofounder of Dharamshala Earthville Institute (Dharamshala, HP, India); artist and performer (Berkeley, CA)

Arnold Langberg: Visionary educator; founder of the Harmony School project and other schools and learning programs (Denver, CO)

Mai-Linh Leminhbach: Cofounder of Dharmalaya Institute (Bir, HP, India); Special Projects Manager and shiatsu therapist (Fribourg, Switzerland)

Benjamin Schick: Director of the Pachamama Alliance; media executive  (San Francisco, CA)

Key Project Directors & Management

Jaya Ashmore: Director of Open Dharma (Barcelona, Spain; Lucknow, India; & USA)

Anushka Joshi: Managing Architect at Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living (Bir, India)

Zohar Lavie & Nathan Glyde: Founders of Spring Up Foundation (UK)

Yoav Peck: Director of the Sulha Peace Project (Israel/Palestine)

Kensho Creative: Website management and development (USA & worldwide)

Earthville’s principles & practices

The back story: How it all began

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