What We Do: Earthville’s Projects & Programs

You’ve heard the saying, “Think globally, act locally.” We agree. Yet, we also recognize that, with so much suffering in the world and a climate that is changing rapidly, there’s an urgent need to reach a little further — not to pitch a bigger tent, but a global circle of local tents.

In this spirit, Earthville “acts locally” across the globe. We steward a diverse constellation of homegrown initiatives around the world and link them in a web of mutual support.

An Integrated Approach to Personal & Global Transformation

Since the challenges we face today are complex, arising through many interdependent factors, they require holistic solutions. Earthville’s interdisciplinary approach considers the whole picture to engineer whole solutions for the whole person and the whole planet.

Earthville's Spheres of Activity

Best of Both Worlds: Local & Global

Each of the charitable projects below represents one piece of the puzzle. Since each project is mostly self-contained and autonomous, Earthville’s organizational mothership doesn’t suffer from taking on too much or losing focus. Rather, each of these individual projects concentrates on its own mission with its own dedicated team. In this way, we achieve the best of both worlds: the insight, relevance, cultural sensitivity, and nimble responsiveness of small-scale, local initiatives; empowered by the supporting infrastructure, relationship networks, and human diversity of a global-scale organization.


Current Earthville Projects

Following are the most significant of the Earthville Network’s currently active nonprofit projects:

Earthville Education

Earthville EducationEarthville Education is long-term initiative to develop an innovative, integrated model of lifelong experiential education and service-learning for responsible global citizenship, sustainable thriving (for people and the planet), and holistic personal development.  › more

  • Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living — An experiential learning campus in the Indian Himalayas devoted to education, service, and compassionate living, with a practical focus on sustainable village development, contemplative service-learning, immersive ecotourism, and preservation of traditional wisdom. Dharmalaya provides green jobs and vocational training for local villagers and life-enriching service-learning opportunities for international students and volunteers.   › more
  • The Earthville Institute — A new eco-campus in development in Colorado, whose mission is to provide experiential education for sustainability, responsible global citizenship, and holistic personal development.  › more
  • To Create the World That Ought to Be — A book and companion website exploring solutions for human-centered education, through the lens of the life’s work of celebrated educator (and Earthville Director) Arnie Langberg. › more
  • Earthville Education Blog — Publishing ongoing explorations of education as a catalyst for the development of conscientious global citizens, healthy communities, and a more harmonious and sustainable world, and welcoming discussion among our readers and contributors.  › more

Earthville Arts

Earthville ArtsEarthville Arts channels the great power of human creativity to create a more harmonious and sustainable global village through the arts, media and technology. Earthville Arts specializes in creative projects and events that inspire and delight while making a difference.  › more

  • Earthville Press — A nonprofit imprint publishing written works on topics related to Earthville’s mission to promote compassionate living and empower caring change-makers › more
  • Earthville Music — A pioneering nonprofit record label producing great music from across the globe and channeling proceeds to support artists and causes.  › more
  • Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture — A formal internship program designed to provide architects (and students of architecture) with both practical experience and deeper theoretical knowledge in the arts and practices of sustainable building, with an emphasis on the Kangra style of vernacular earthen architecture. Based at Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living, Earthville’s eco-campus in the Indian Himalayas. › more

The Earthville Umbrellavator

Earthville UmbrellavatorThe Earthville Umbrellavator is a charitable incubator for nonprofit projects closely aligned with Earthville’s mission and objectives. The Umbrellavator supports emerging social entrepreneurs with promising charitable project ideas to focus on what they do best (the actual service work) and leave most of the administration stuff to Earthville.  › more

  • NADA India — NADA India is a charitable project supporting the education and training of acudetox (acupuncture-assisted detoxification) specialists to provide barrier-free treatment for stress reduction and chemical dependency in India.   › more
  • Spring Up Foundation — A UK-based charitable project established to support a peaceful and hopeful future in the Middle East by funding further education for Palestinian students. › more
  • Sulha Peace Project — A grassroots reconciliation program rebuilding trust between neighbors in Israel and Palestine (and the US) through events and workshops that facilitate deep human connections.  › more


Earthville Projects & Programs in Development

There’s always something cooking in Earthville. Want a glimpse of the horizon?  › Take a peek


Past Earthville Projects & Programs

For a stroll down Earthville’s memory lane, visit our past projects archive.

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