Shop to Benefit Earthville: Give While You Get

There are several ways you can support the Earthville Network while you shop, giving while you get.

Earthville Music

You can also support the Earthville Network while treating yourself or a loved one to great music from around the world when you buy any of the songs or albums from the Earthville Music record label on the iTunes store or at The albums currently available are:


Skyland ~ by Dara AckermanSkyland ~ by Dara Ackerman ~ A mesmerizing debut from versatile and visionary singer-songwriter Dara Ackerman, supported by performances from a cast of astoundingly talented musicians spanning a world of styles, all united by the sublime thread of Dara’s unique and profound musical and emotional sensibilities.
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Can't Not by Scarth LockeCan’t Not ~ by Scarth Locke ~ The third and most extraordinary album to emerge from the eclectic creative mind of singer and multi-instrumentalist Scarth Locke, who explores new territory while diving more deeply into where he’s always been. Free preview at
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guruzero - Caskets That SmallCaskets That Small [for Sandy Hook and Newtown] (single) ~ by guruzero ~ A musical reflection on the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and on child safety in the USA. It is dedicated to the community of Newtown, CT, and to a world where all kids are safe. Free download at Also on iTunes,, and other music sites (with all proceeds going to charity).
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Gamelan X - SATUSATU ~ by Gamelan X ~ What do you get when you alchemize the instruments of a Balinese marching gamelan with spicy flavors of Balkan and Middle-Eastern traditional music and the sensitivities of jazz, then fortify the grooves with drum set, brass, woodwinds, strings, synthesizer, and soprano voice, throw in several voracious composers, and set them free at Burning Man? File under: (Out of This) World Music!
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Ngyuen Ngoc Khanh - Fire in the LakeFire in the Lake ~ by Ngyuen Ngoc Khanh ~ A thrilling specimen of authentic, powerful Vietnamese traditional music from an award-winning master musician acclaimed as a “national treasure” in his home country of Vietnam for his virtuosic performances on the ken (a reed instrument similar to the Indo-Persian shehnai).
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Hoa Trang An - Ancient FlowerAncient Flower ~ by Hoa Trang An ~ The strings of Hoa Trang An resonate with the mesmerizing melodies of traditional music from all corners of Vietnam, painting poetically with the rich cultural palette of their homeland. Our most deeply soothing title to date.
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Scarth Locke - Hold on Let GoHold On, Let Go ~ by Scarth Locke ~ This sophomore release from Scarth Locke steps up the energy as we are treated to a party in the artist’s colorful mind and heart.
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Chochmat HaLev Ensemble - Shirat HaLevShirat HaLev ~ by the Chochmat HaLev Ensemble ~ Shirat HaLev weaves a unique blend of Middle-Eastern, Asian, European, and American musical textures into a rich tapestry of passion and spiritual power. These recordings breathe new life into several traditional spirituals, and also features several fresh original songs that draw on diverse roots and reach into new territory.
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Scarth Lock - ThunkadelicateThunkadelicate ~ by Scarth Locke ~ The endearingly eclectic first release from avant-alternative maestro Scarth Locke, which fuses the playful with the soulful as it weaves through grooves and intimate reflections.
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Website Hosting

If you need a website of your own, here’s a win-win opportunity: You can sign up with any of the three providers mentioned above, and Earthville will receive a credit when you sign up.

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.

Get Involved

We welcome you to explore Earthville,  find your place within it , and add what only you can bring.

  1. Sign up: Drop by the “Earthville Embassy” page to become a “Citizen of Earthville.”
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Earthville & eBay

Do you sell or buy on eBay? If so, you can support Earthville through the eBay Giving Works program. Sellers can list items through eBay Giving Works and donate from 10 to 100% of the proceeds to Earthville and, when doing so, receive higher visibility for their auctions. Buyers can support Earthville by buying items listed with Earthville as a beneficiary.

See Earthville’s eBay Giving Works page

Earthville & Amazon

We encourage you to support your local “Ma and Pa” shops. If you do shop online, however, we are happy to be able to provide you with ways to make sure that your purchases benefit a good cause, and at no extra cost to you.


When you use the link above to begin shopping at, a percentage of the sale will automatically go to support the Earthville Network’s educational and charitable projects. You can bookmark this page and come back to it every time you want to start shopping at Amazon, and your purchases will benefit Earthville every time. Thank you!