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Handpicked action alerts to help compassionate global citizens stay informed on important global issues and do our part to make a difference. Includes petitions and other calls to action. You, too, can be an action hero by subscribing to the blog so you’ll receive timely notice of action alerts. Kinda like the bat signal, but more energy-efficient.

Didi Contractor receives Nari Shakti Puraskar from President of India

Didi Contractor Receives India’s Highest Civilian Honor for Women

On International Women’s Day of 2019, Didi Contractor, co-founding Professor Emeritus of the Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture at Dharmalaya Institute, was presented with the Nari Shakti Puraskar, India’s highest civilian honor recognizing women who have made great contributions to India. The award was presented by the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind.


Planting the Earthville Orchards: Earthville Establishes Carbon Offset & Green Jobs Program in India

The Earthville Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Earthville Orchards, a win-win-win-win opportunity for conscientious global citizens and responsible businesses to offset their carbon footprints for the year while creating green jobs for Indian villagers, helping to limit erosion of precious mountain topsoil, preserving biodiversity, and contributing to a harvest of a […]

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Action Alert: Please Support Earthquake Relief in Tibet

An earthquake of 7.1 magnitude struck the Yushu area of Amdo, the mountainous northeastern region of Tibet (also known as the Qinghai province of China since the 1950s). Please donate to emergency relief efforts today via the American Himalayan Foundation (which has been working in the Yushu region for decades and has teams on the […]