ACTION: Tell the US FDA: GMOs Are Not “Natural”

GMO tomatoLet’s start with the facts: Whatever one may think about GMOs (genetically modified organisms), they certainly are anything but “natural.”

GMOs are defined as organisms in which genetic material (DNA) has been manipulated directly through the use of technology in a way that does not occur in nature. Thus, they are, by  definition, unnatural.

Typical health-conscious and eco-friendly consumers reasonably assume that a food product labeled “natural” would not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Unfortunately, there is an alarming trend in recent years in which some companies have begun selling food products that are labeled as “natural” despite the fact that they contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients.

According to the Organic Consumers Association:

Angry consumers who have learned about the dangers of genetic engineering are suing so-called “natural” brands that have been hiding GMOs in their favorite foods.  In an effort to stall the lawsuits, defense lawyers have convinced at least one judge that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), not the courts, should decide whether GMOs are “natural.”

It’s a clever strategy, given that the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Foods is none other than Monsanto’s former lawyer, Michael Taylor. Whose side do you think the FDA will take?

At least one thing is indisputably clear: Food products cannot be called “natural” truthfully if they contain ingredients that are a product of direct genetic manipulation using technological (unnatural) means. Therefore, to protect public health and prevent false advertising that makes informed consumer decisions difficult, it is the responsibility of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to reserve “natural” claims for foods that are produced without the use of genetic engineering.

You can read more on this page from the Organic Consumers Association, where they list “ten top reasons” that GM foods are not “natural.” On the same page, you can send a letter to the FDA to urge them to prohibit misleading food labeling.

Read more and send a letter to the FDA

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