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Acknowledgements for Contributions to the Earthville Website

The Earthville website is an ongoing team effort and labor of love.  It was developed with the generosity of volunteers, donors, and pro bono support from private institutions.


Design & Development

Kensho Creative Logo

The concept, graphic design, and programming of the Earthville website (earthville.org) was provided by Kensho Creative.

Earthville Emblem

Earthville emblem design by Mark Wagner of Hearts & Bones Studio.



The Earthville website features the photographs of Mark Moore, Mai-Linh Leminhbach, Raj Kumar, and others. Used by permission. See copyright notice.


Open-Source Software

The Earthville servers run on free and open-source software (various flavors of GNU-Linux: CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu).


The main Earthville website (earthville.org) is powered by WordPress, a very flexible open-source content management system (CMS).


Website Hosting & Internet Services

The Earthville servers are spread across the cloud to serve you better, thanks to the generous support of three fine companies: A Small Orange, DigitalOcean, and DreamHost.

The main Earthville website (earthville.org) is hosted on a Cloud VPS at A Small Orange, who offer stellar support and blazing speeds, and we love that their webhosting is very eco-friendly — it’s carbon-negative since they offset 150% of their carbon emissions with green energy credits.

Earthville’s media server and some of our most resource-intensive project websites are hosted at DigitalOcean, which provides cutting-edge virtual server technology with total flexibility for developers to rock the future.

Green Web Hosting by DreamHost.

Eco-friendly (carbon-neutral) hosting for some of Earthville’s smaller project sites, blogs, and wikis is generously donated by DreamHost.  They provide convenient “1-click” installers for popular web apps, as well shell access for developers and useful control panel functionality for everybody else. We also register most of our domain names with DreamHost because they’re affordable and easy to manage.

You can help us pay the balance of our hosting and domain registration bills by donating directly to our DreamHost account.

Donate toward our web hosting bill

Win-win opportunity for affordable web hosting: If you need hosting for your own website, you can sign up with any of the three providers mentioned above, and Earthville will receive a credit when you sign up.


Previous Incarnations

The previous version of the Earthville website (2010-2013) was coded by Effortless Effort. Thanks for your years of service!



The Earthville website is published under a copyright policy that allows for certain kinds of noncommercial use of textual elements from the website, yet prohibits the use of digital media (such as photos, graphics, audio, video, etc.) without permission in writing. For details, see our copyright notice.

Heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to the website!


Get Involved

We welcome you to explore Earthville,  find your place within it , and add what only you can bring.

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