Mark Moore, Earthville’s Founder

Mark MooreMark Moore is an eco-social entrepreneur, experiential educator, composer-producer, writer-editor, earthen builder, retreat facilitator, and global service nomad.

Founder of the Earthville Network in the USA and cofounder of the Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living in India, he has been launching and nurturing altruistic and creative projects around the world since 1997.

A common thread uniting his diverse activities is putting compassion into action through service with sensitivity, creativity, and joy.

Mark’s main focus since 2010 has been developing immersive, contemplative service-learning programs integrating sustainability with inner development, facilitating the empowerment of warm-hearted changemakers.

One of Mark’s greatest passions — both in his own projects and as a consultant for others — is the art and craft of container-building: the design, establishment and refinement of purpose-driven communities, organizations, and environments that embody the values and qualities they seek to promote. He draws on both traditional wisdom and fresh creativity to leverage the power of insightfully sculpted organizational cultures to bring out the best in the humans that comprise them and manifest more impactful and harmonious results.

Mark is a trustee of the Ronald E. Moore Foundation and serves on several other boards of directors and advisory groups. He also serves as a meditation retreat facilitator and mentor for Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s Tergar Learning Community, and has volunteered for myriad educational and charitable projects worldwide since 1987.

He loves nature, travel, music, and fair-trade vegan chocolate.

You can read Mark’s musings from the trenches of Earthville on the Founder’s Blog.