Sustainable Thriving Alliance

Empowerment & Prosperity in Harmony with Nature

The Sustainable Thriving Alliance (STA) is a coalition of concerned individuals, nonprofit organizations, and responsible businesses collaborating for sustainable development and healthy living.

Our Mission

The STA mission is to bring together the people, ideas, and resources to take on ambitious yet achievable projects that help people thrive sustainably.

What Is Sustainable Thriving?

Sustainable thriving is a state in which all people, all species, and the planet we share not only survive but also flourish harmoniously — and not just for a short period but over the long term.

You can read more about the concept of sustainable thriving here.

Our Strategy

STA’s strategy is to build multi-disciplinary partnerships that take advantage of complementary competencies and strength in numbers to accomplish goals that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to reach.

STA works primarily in the following interrelated areas, all of which are critical aspects of  sustainable thriving:

  • Green building: eco-architecture, natural building, training and certification
  • Natural energy: passive solar design and other low-cost, low-tech energy solutions
  • Economic empowerment: green job creation, vocational training, microfinance, local green microeconomies, ecotourism, etc.
  • Water: conservation, rainwater harvesting, aquascaping, and other water issues
  • Food: research and training in high-yield organic agriculture and edible landscapes, dietary education, etc.
  • Waste: eco-friendly sanitation, waste reduction and management, recycling, etc.
  • Education: real-world experiential education, professional development, and service-learning for healthy and prosperous green living
  • Well-being: workshops, clinics, services, and programs in holistic health and personal development

Our Activities

  • Network: share knowledge, solutions, challenges, and resources, and catalyze win-win relationships
  • Teach: provide education and training in various aspects of sustainable thriving (e.g. eco-architecture, organic gardening, etc.)
  • Co-create: collaborate on beneficial projects worldwide

Get Involved

We welcome all interested organizations and individuals to participate in the Sustainable Thriving Alliance.

There are several ways you can get involved and help make sustainable thriving a reality for yourself and others:

  • Join the Earthville Network to stay in the loop on all the activities of the STA.
  • Follow the Earthville Worldblog and connect with us on your favorite social networks.
  • Make a charitable donation to the Earthville Network to support the STA.
  • Volunteer for the Sustainable Thriving Alliance or one of its partners.
  • Sign up your nonprofit organization or responsible business as a partner in the alliance.

To learn more about the program or to inquire about joining the alliance, introduce yourself here.