Donate Recording Gear, Musical Instruments, & Digital Video Equipment to Charity

Earthville ArtsDonate your used musical instruments, recording studio equipment, digital video camcorders, computers, and other digital media items to our nonprofit charitable projects, Earthville Arts and Earthville Music.

Earthville Arts is a charitable project and we rely on donated equipment to be able to offer our programs, events, and services to artists and audiences.

On this page, you will find a list of our current needs. In the USA, your contribution is tax-deductible for the current fair market value of the goods or services you donate.

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We need professional, audiophile and “prosumer” audio equipment to enable and enhance our educational programs and our recording and event production services:

  • Avid (formerly Digidesign) Pro Tools DAW systems (HD or Native) & interfaces
  • Studio-quality microphones (Neumann, Telefunken, Royer, AEA, Brauner, Korby, Gefell, B.L.U.E., Soundelux, Earthworks, etc.)
  • Studio-quality microphone preamps (Telefunken, Pendulum, Fearn, Millennia, Buzz, Manley, API, Neve, Hardy, Chandler Limited, etc.)
  • High-end analog-digital-analog converters (Apogee, Mytek, Lavry, Pacific Microsonics, Prism, Lynx Aurora, Universal Audio Apollo, etc.)
  • Professional outboard processing units (top-grade EQs, compressors, limiters, etc.: Pultec, Manley, Millennia, Universal Audio, etc.)
  • High-quality studio reference monitors (not fatigued; Focal, ADAM, Lipinski, Barefoot, Genelec, Dynaudio, Event, Tannoy, et al)
  • Pro or audiophile amplifiers (Bryston, Manley, Crown, McIntosh, Parasound, et al)
  • Digital mixing console (e.g. Mackie Digital X Bus, et al)
  • High-end analog summing mixer (Chandler, TubeTech, et al)
  • Audio plug-ins (all formats) and virtual instruments
  • Other studio recording equipment
  • Live sound reinforcement equipment
  • Audiophile playback equipment (DVD-Audio, SA-CD, CD, preamps, amps, etc.)

If you or your organization can contribute these or other pro audio items, please contact us here.


We may be able to use practically any type of musical instrument in good, playable condition, and we are especially interested in the following:

  • International instruments: sitar, tabla, tamboura, sarangi, santoor, shenai, ney, oud, zas, rawap, mbira, kalimba, etc.
  • Drums and percussion: High-quality drum kit, congas, djembe, doumbek, timbales, roto toms, tympani, cymbals, gongs, etc.
  • Vintage electric pianos: Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hohner Clavinet, Farfisa, Hammond
  • Analog synthesizers: Moog, Clavia Nord, Korg, Arp, etc.
  • Electric guitars and basses
  • Strings: Cello, double (upright) bass, violin, viola, sarangi, etc.
  • Brass: Trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn, tuba, French horn, etc.
  • Winds: Clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon, etc.

If you or your organization can contribute these or other musical instruments, please contact us here before sending us your items.


Upgrading to a new computer? Have some extra bandwidth on your corporate Internet connection? We need the following items and services to enable the tech side of our work:

  • Colocation for our web server on a dependable, secure, redundant net connection (preferably in the San Francisco Bay Area)
  • Apple Macintosh computers (Intel Core i5 or better processor), including Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air
  • Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod touch) and current-generation Android tablets
  • Apple Mac Pro Server or Mac mini Server
  • LCD/TFT (flat-screen) computer monitors (21″ display or larger)
  • Fast A/V hard drives and RAID systems in good condition (less than three years old)
  • Color laser printer (preferably with two-sided printing)
  • Graphic design, video editing, and animation services

If you or your organization can contribute these or other electronic items, please contact us here.


Have an older camcorder, digital camera, TV or VCR? Or perhaps you work for a company that manufactures or sells A/V or other electronic products?

We need the following items for our educational and informational projects:

  • HDTVs or HD-compatible video monitors
  • HD video camcorders (must be HD, and preferably tapeless, but we could also use one HDV camdorder/deck)
  • Blu-Ray players, DVD players, and VCRs – pro and Hi-Fi consumer video decks in all formats
  • Digital cameras (minimum 8 megapixel), tripods, film and other photographic and videographic equipment
  • Other good-quality audio recording decks of all formats and descriptions, pro and prosumer, including DAT, analog cassette, MiniDisc and multitrack decks
  • A/V recording equipment for field recording, including flash-based audio recorders.

If you or your organization can contribute these or other electronic items, please contact us here.


Another great way to support the Earthville Arts community-building altruistic arts activities is to make space available for our projects and programs.

  • Office/studio space in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Denver area, New Delhi, Bangkok, Switzerland, or South Africa
  • A warehouse or other large multi-purpose space (at least 2000 square feet) in California or Colorado
  • Spaces available for occasional use for performances, classes, workshops and other events
  • Land, buildings and/or commercial space for the establishment of performance venues, studios and arts schools, especially in California, Colorado, India, Thailand, Switzerland, Israel, and South Africa

If you or your organization has a space that may fit the bill, tell us about it here.


Earthville Arts currently needs the following other items and services to be donated:

  • Airplane tickets – especially between the USA, India, Southeast Asia, and Europe
  • A large passenger vehicle (like a van or small bus) powered by renewable energy (e.g. electric, hybrid, natural gas, or veggie oil)

If you can help, please contact us here.


If you would like to make a monetary contribution to support Earthville Arts charitable mission to support the altruistic arts and compassionate creativity, you can click on the button below to make a tax-deductible contribution through our 501(c)(3) nonprofit parent, the Earthville Network. Make sure to put “Earthville Arts” in the “Designation” field. Your generosity will help nourish “starving artists” and activists who are investing their passion in making our world a better place.


If you prefer the old fashioned way, you can send in your tax-deductible contribution by postal mail. Make checks payable to “Earthville Network” with ‘Earthville Arts” on the memo line and mail to:

The Earthville Network
P.O. Box 9232
Berkeley, CA 94709-0232

We also have arts-related activities in greater Los Angeles, California, the greater Denver area in Colorado, and in India.


Earthville Arts™ is a project of he Earthville Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in Oakland, California. Your contributions of money or valuable goods are tax-deductible in the USA to the extent allowed by law. As soon as we receive your donation of money, goods, or services, we will provide you with an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes. For more legal information, see our legal page.