Work with Us: Volunteer, Internship & Service-Learning Opportunities in Earthville

Not everybody can be famous. But everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Put Compassion into Action — at Home, Abroad, or Online

Earthville ActionIt’s caring people like you around the world who make Earthville’s work possible by volunteering their time and skills. We are proud to be a volunteer-driven organization (even our president works pro bono, for the joy of caring for others and the planet we share).

The kindness of so many people who have volunteered to support Earthville’s charitable projects and events is what has enabled Earthville to accomplish so much good on a surprisingly slim budget.

As we grow, we need even more skilled help to meet the demand for our programs and services, and your talents could make a big difference.

Below is a list of services that are especially needed, grouped into six categories.

Note that some of these needs are US-based, while a few are based in other countries, and some tasks can be done from anywhere in the world if one has Internet access.

Internships, Volunteer & Service-Learning Opportunities, by Category

Follow any of the links below to jump to the section that interests you most:

Current internships: Gain experience by working with Earthville (US & India)

  • The Earthville Network (Earthville HQ) is accepting applications for an intern to assist with fundraising and organizational development efforts (Online from anywhere)
    › contact us for info
  • Earthville Music is accepting applications for interns to help build our nonprofit record label’s online presence.  (SF Bay Area, CA, or online from anywhere)
    more info
  • Earthville Planet is accepting applications for an intern to manage research and publication of articles on sustainability-related issues (Online from anywhere)
    › contact us for info
  • Dharmalaya Institute has launched an Internship in Vernacular Eco-architecture (India)
    › more info

Creative/media/tech services (worldwide)

  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Website development (complex, database-driven)
  • Video editing and documentary film production

Ecological/Sustainability services (primarily in India and Nepal)

  • Eco-friendly architectural services (green building concepts and design)
  • Organic agricultural training (especially biointensive and biodynamic methods)
  • Permaculture landscaping, design and implementation
  • Renewable energy systems, design and implementation

Research/writing/academic/translation services (worldwide)

  • Curriculum development
  • Research and writing papers on various topics, especially sustainability issues
  • Language translation for our websites and other materials (all major languages)
  • Copy editing for various purposes (website, educational materials, etc.)

Teaching/training (primarily in India and Nepal)

  • Language instruction (mostly English and Hindi languages)
  • Computer skills (from the office basics to design, DTP and media production)
  • Training in digital video editing and documentary film production
  • Training in organic agriculture (esp biointensive, biodynamic and permaculture)
  • Training in eco-friendly handicrafts and cottage industries with marketable products
  • General environmental education

Administrative & legal services (primarily in the US, India and Switzerland)

  • Grantwriting and professional fundraising services
  • Accounting (CPA) services
  • Legal services (especially nonprofit and entertainment law in the US, India and Europe)
  • Office/administrative tasks (long-term)
  • Project management services (time- and location-dependent)
  • Order fulfillment services (stocking and shipping items ordered from our websites; US-based)

If you are trained or experienced in any of the areas above and you might be willing to volunteer for a period of time or even work pro bono on an ongoing basis to support Earthville’s nonprofit projects and events, please contact us here. Your help could make a world of difference.

Note that many of the service opportunities listed on this page require training and experience, and most require a time commitment of at least a few months.

For volunteer and service-learning opportunities in India, please visit the Dharmalaya website.

Thanks for your interest!

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