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Explorations in Experiential Education for the Global Village

Welcome to the Earthville Education blog! Here, you’ll find ongoing explorations of education as a catalyst for the development of conscientious global citizens, healthy communities, and a more harmonious and sustainable world. The scope of the discussion is wide, with special interest in the following areas:

•   Experiential education and service-learning
•   The cultures of learning communities, and how to transform them
•   Holistic educational philosophy: wisdom about learning and learning about wisdom
•   Innovative models for schools, other learning communities, and programs
•   Synergies between centers of learning and the local and global communities
•   Education reform, both practice and policy

We warmly welcome you to join the discussion by subscribing to the blog and posting comments in the articles that interest you.

College Degree

A Matter of Degrees

“A Matter of Degrees” is the first in a series of reports detailing thirteen promising practices that US community colleges can use to increase student engagement and completion rates.

Happy Sapling

Planting a Vertical Orchard

This week, during our first service retreat program (see news article) on the Dharmalaya Institute’s new Himalayan eco-campus, we had a precious opportunity: our friends at SanghaSeva brought sixteen wonderful, hard-working volunteers from all over the globe to work with us, so we figured this was the time to take on…