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Earthville Education

Earthville Education: Long-Term Vision & Global Campus

Earthville Education is developing a model for an international network of holistic centers for learning, service, and sustainable livelihoods. This vision comprises a hybrid institutional model combining two main elements — a highly experiential and service-oriented kind of “school” (in a broad sense of the word), and an innovative approach to social and environmental charitable programs […]

Earthville Action

How to Change the World in Four Easy Steps

OK, we confess: It isn’t easy. (The title is a bit of an ironic joke on marketing.) But it is doable. And, on a certain level, it is simple. From our experience doing charitable work across the globe, we have seen that the basic formula for change is not all that complicated. So at least articulating […]

Earthville Institute

Earthville Institute (US Campus)

The Earthville Network seeks to establish an Earthville Institute in the US, as a part of the long-term vision of the Earthville Education initiative, providing experiential education for responsible global citizens. The focus of the Institute’s activities would be education, training, research, and charitable programs for sustainable living and compassionate global society, embodied in an innovative […]

Earthville Institute

Earthville Institute, Switzerland

The Earthville Network seeks to establish an Earthville Institute in Switzerland as a part of its long-term vision for Earthville Education. The Vision The Earthville Institute would be a center for the lifelong study and practice of five interrelated disciplines integral to a flourishing society: The Earthville Institute would offer programs at reasonable rates for […]


All About Earthville: Mission, Objectives, Vision, & Methods

Our Mission The Earthville Network makes a better world by educating and empowering responsible global citizens, engaging them as compassionate change agents, and connecting them in innovative collaborations for learning, service, and sustainable thriving. Our Vision Earthville envisions a worldwide network of people and initiatives engaging the power of human creativity and caring to forge a […]