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Earthville Music

Earthville Music: Great Music for Great Causes

The Sound Profound from All Around™ Earthville Music is an artist-oriented, artist-run record label cutting positive grooves from across the planet, with proceeds supporting artists and charitable projects worldwide. All of our artists are talented global citizens who are making great music while making a difference somewhere in the world. All the music in the […]

Window of opportunity

Announcing Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture

The Dharmalaya Institute, in partnership with venerated earthen architect Didi Contractor, is launching the Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture. The internship is a formal, academically-supervised service-learning program designed to provide architects (and students of architecture) with both practical experience and deeper theoretical knowledge in the arts and practices of sustainable building.

Lotus & Lightning

“Lotus & Lightning” Blooms & Strikes

This summer, Earthville Arts, the creative wing of the Earthville Network, in partnership with the Vietnam Fund for Education, Music, and Infrastructure, will officially launch an exciting new project called “Lotus & Lightning” to support traditional arts and village life in Vietnam.