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Earthville Press

Earthville Press: Books & Publications for a Better World

The Mightier Pen Earthville Press is a nonprofit imprint publishing works on topics related to Earthville’s mission to promote compassionate living and empower caring change-makers. It is a project of the Earthville Network, and all proceeds from sales (other than those that go to the authors) are channeled directly into the Earthville Network’s educational and […]

Arnie Langberg

Arnie Langberg, Educator & Author

Arnie Langberg is a trailblazing school reformer, principal and teacher, and the author of To Create the World That Ought to Be: Memoirs of a Radical Educator (published in 2023). Arnie has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Earthville Network since its founding in 2000. After graduating from MIT in 1955, […]

Earthville Institute logo

Earthville Institute: Our New Eco-Campus in Colorado

The Earthville Network has begun work to establish a new eco-campus in the US as a part of the Earthville Education initiative to provide holistic experiential learning and empowerment for responsible citizens of our planet. The new campus will showcase solutions for sustainable and compassionate living, including nature-sensitive and life-affirming approaches to building, landscaping, food-growing, […]

To Create the World 200x300

To Create the World That Ought to Be

To Create the World That Ought to Be: Memoirs of a Radical Educator By Arnie Langberg with Mark S. Moore (2023) Exploring possibilities for improving our schools and our world, through the life and work of a visionary educator Earthville Press is delighted to announce the publication of To Create the World That Ought to […]

Spring Up Foundation

Earthville Welcomes Spring Up Foundation

The Earthville Network is pleased to announce the newest addition to our family of projects incubating in the Earthville Umbrellavator: The Spring Up Foundation is a UK-based charitable project established to support a peaceful and hopeful future in the Middle East by funding further education for Palestinian students. 

Didi Contractor Awarded WADe Honor

Didi Contractor Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Didi Contractor, a celebrated earthen architect and co-founding Professor Emeritus of the Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture at Dharmalaya Institute (a project of the Earthville Network in the Indian Himalayas), was honored with WADe Asia’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in natural building in the Himalayas, which has inspired countless architects in India and beyond.