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Earthville Action

How to Change the World in Four Easy Steps

OK, we confess: It isn’t easy. (The title is a bit of an ironic joke on marketing.) But it is doable. And, on a certain level, it is simple. From our experience doing charitable work across the globe, we have seen that the basic formula for change is not all that complicated. So at least articulating […]

Earthville Action

Responsible Global Citizenship

What Is Responsible Global Citizenship? In short, responsible global citizenship is informed compassion in action: making our best efforts to understand global issues, to act with sensitivity about them, and to change ourselves and our world for the better. Know the world, change the world, and it will change you. Why Responsible Global Citizenship? Today, […]

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Leadership: The Earthville Team

Earthville’s international, multi-disciplinary leadership team brings together a diverse array of skills, experiences, and sensitivities that, together, guide the course of our activities. Board of Directors Arnie Langberg Administrator of Alternative Education for Denver Public School District (retired); founding Principal of the Open School (Colorado, USA) and other alternative high schools; founder of the Harmony […]