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Spring Up Foundation

Earthville Welcomes Spring Up Foundation

The Earthville Network is pleased to announce the newest addition to our family of projects incubating in the Earthville Umbrellavator: The Spring Up Foundation is a UK-based charitable project established to support a peaceful and hopeful future in the Middle East by funding further education for Palestinian students. 

Earthville Umbrellavator

Human Family Peace Project Holds Workshop in Turkey

The Human Family Peace Project held its first planning workshop in Turkey in June. Based in both Istanbul and San Francisco, the Human Family Peace Project is an ongoing program offering retreats and workshops in Turkey, India, and elsewhere that foster social and cultural awareness as a foundation for global harmony.

Sulha Peace Project

Sulha Peace Project: Restoring Trust in the Middle East

The Sulha Peace Project is a grassroots reconciliation program rebuilding trust between neighbors in Israel and Palestine through events and workshops that facilitate deep human connections. Sulha conducts annual grassroots peacemaking conferences that attract up to 4000 participants and international media coverage, as well as “Sulhita” workshops for youth in the US and elsewhere. Sulha events are attended […]